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LED Video Wall Hire

Our Creative Spaces Digital system offers solutions for:
  • - straight and curved walls,
  • - LED video walls,
  • - hanging signs,
  • - light walls,¬†
  • -¬†displays & retail environments.
Durability, reusability, precision, flexibility and modularity are the core features.
Video Wall 1
LED video walls create impactful and informative images to enhance your event space and attract the attention of your audience.
Video Wall 2
Fashion Events
LED video walls can be perfectly integrated within the backdrop of your catwalk or stage, a great way to wow your audience.
Video Wall 3
LED video walls are a popular way for retail outlets to engage consumers by displaying new season products and in store promotions.
Video Wall 2
LED video walls are a great way to connect with your guests and share those memorable moments.
In todays fast paced connected world LED Video Walls are a superb way to engage fully with consumers, audiences and visitors at retail locations, exhibitions, events and shows.

Our LED Video Wall is the thinnest LED tiled display available for seamless integration into a modular system, or standalone display.
The patented, matte black click mask and black faced LEDs guarantee optimal contrast, ensuring vivid, crisp images and a supreme image quality.

Eye catching, vibrant and informative displays engage the viewer to connect with the brand or message. Done correctly LED Video Walls grab attention and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.