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LED Video Walls

Create a Powerful Visual Experience

Boost your presence! With our integrated LED Video Walls, an extra dimension has been added to our renowned Eco-Frame system. Our LED Digital Canvas is the thinnest tile that can be incorporated into a modular building system. Its unique dimensions of 496x496x55 mm allow a seamless integration of LED screens into modular constructions. The combination of our LED Digital Canvas and the Eco-Frame offers a lightweight, sleek, easy-to-install, yet very solid end result. Enjoy a brilliant visual experience guaranteed by the 2.5 pixel pitch, Crystal View technology and premium level flatness.


Video Wall 1


In recent times LED Video Wall technology has become the go to source for creating a memorable exhibition stand. LED screens or video walls are an engaging clear visual aid which will act as a platform to attract the attention of your potential audience.
LED Video Walls provide a luminous visual which allows the brand, product or service message to be displayed prominently. Perhaps you require an LED Video Wall within a modular stand solution? Our team are here to help from initial design and development stage to the organisation, build and on-site set up. This means we can create and build everything you require for your exhibition stand in house and you only have to deal with us, making it a stress-free event experience.

Fashion & Award Shows

LED Video Walls can be perfectly integrated within the backdrop of the catwalk or stage allowing for a flush look and keeping the appearance of your show as flawless as your creations. The screens can act as a way to display close ups of your clothes or products or can be utilised to showcase any pre-recordings which may be part of your performance or event. LED screens help to create the ‘razzle dazzle’ for any event and award show. Award ceremonies are not only important for people receiving the awards, they are also vital for the show producers to create a memorable display to showcase the glitz and glamour of the event or award show.
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Retail Windows & In-Store Promotions

LED Walls are a popular way for retail outlets to engage consumers and showcase new season products. Market research has shown that LED Video Wall window displays are an integral reason why consumers choose to enter a store. Unaffected by light an LED Digital Canvas window display is an innovative advertising medium.
A great way for retailers to create visual impact, grab attention and drive footfall. The LED Video Wall display can also be used to good effect in store as a repeater wall to drive brand awareness, foster brand or product relationships and positively impact promotions to drive sales.

Weddings & Social Events

Wedding, anniversary, birthday celebrations, gala dinners, fundraising and other special events are great opportunities to wow the guests or audience by using LED Video Walls. Having a big screen can help to deliver your message with more impact creating a greater emotional reaction.
Getting your message across is the most important factor for any charity fund raising or gala event. LED Video Walls are the ideal solution to ensure your charity video, message and images make the most impact on your audience. This is often vital to the fundraising effort.
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Technical Information

• Configured to almost any size.
• Can be viewed from long distances and acute angles.
• Can be seen in direct sunlight, great for retail windows.
• Can produce an astoundingly vivid and eye-catching image.
• Can provide excellent colour reproduction and colour depth.
• Can create a seamless display with no bezel lines.
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